Thursday, May 19, 2011

May: Week 3

This week continuing on with the theme of transportation, we will learn about planes and boats.

Baby Einstein: On The Go
Baby Signing Time: Here I Go (Vol 2)

Book List:
Click Here for Book List

Phonemic Awareness:
Blending Two Syllable Words

Letter Y

Sailboat Graphing
Sailboat Patterns
Airplane Toss- Measurement

Popsicle Stick Airplane
Yacht Sailing Boat Activity

Float or Sink?

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Little Airplane
(Tune: Frere Jacques)

Little airplane, little airplane,
In the sky, in the sky,
I can see you soaring,
I can see you soaring,
Up so high,
Up so high.

Jacob & Esau (not quiet done making these lessons, will post this tomorrow Friday)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May: Week 2

This week we continue on the theme of Transportation. We will take a closer look at vehicles that are used by community helpers. We will also learn about the important jobs that some community workers do.

Social Studies:
1. Community Helpers matching- Cut out the pictures on this worksheet and match the community helper to the vehicle he drives. Discuss what these community helpers do to help other people and why they need to drive the type of vehicle they drive.

2. Read a bunch of books about community helpers and the vehicles they drive. Check out PreKinders & Mrs. Nelson's Class for some books ideas that go along with the them of Community helpers.

Phonics: Letter X
1. Check out some activities found on the this Blog
2. X Craft: xylophone
3. Phonics Road Way Letter X
4. Easter Egg Hunt- hide various letters, including x, inside Easter eggs and go hunting for them
5. Write the letter x with your finger in shaving cream while saying the sound for x

Special Note: The letter is a "barrower letter" which means it is two sound that merge to form the x sound. The letters K and S blend together to make the X sound. This might be helpful to know and explain to your children when teaching the sound of X.

1. Clothes Pin Counting Vehicles Game- Counting 1-10 (Download Here)
This is part of part 1 of the download. It is called "Count the Vehicles ~ 1:1 counting and number identification cards". You will need clothes pins to clip the correct corresponding number of vehicles.

2. See the lesson on Adam & Eve- There are several math lesson in there.

Adam & Eve Lesson

Fire Truck Cookies

Community Helpers Song

(tune: "Skip to My Lou")
(from Mailbox Magazine)

Firefighters help in many ways,
Putting out the fires everyday,
To keep us safe throughout the day.
Firefighters help us everyday!

Mail carriers help in many ways,
Picking up our mail everyday,
Sending our letters on their way.
Mail carriers help us every day!

Teachers help in many ways,
Reading with children everyday,
Teaching students throughout each day.
Teachers help us every day!

Policemen help in many ways,
Patroling the streets everyday,
To protect us as we work and play.
Policemen help us everyday!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

May: Week 1

Here are some lessons I have used with Cooper and I thought they could fill in the gaps for May. I hope they will help to fill in the gap.

May Week 1:

Your Child will Learn About:
1. Different type of vehicles that drive on the road (Social Science) List of books

2. Letter W (Phonics) This contains many activities.

3. AB Pattern: Train Cars 1-10 This is part of a larger unit to download.

4. Story of Creation (Bible) This will take two weeks to complete most likely.

5. Counting to 10: Garbage Truck File Folder Game,& Train Cars 1-10 & Garbage Truck Parking Lot & Count Match Box Cars (You'll need 10 to count)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April week 4 day 3

Here is the prep for April week 4 day 3:
1. Print off the flower garden coloring page.
2. Gather red, orange, purple, and yellow crayons or markers.
3. Check out the letter T scrapbook pages and decide which you'd like to do.
Tt is for Tree
Tt is for Tower
Tt is for Tractor
4. Gather materials for you letter T page.
5. Gather straight objects like pencils or popsicle sticks to practice making the letter T.

**I'm thinking of making a Tt is for Tulips page. If I figured it out before the week is over, I'll post a picture. :)

April week 4 day 2

Here is the prep for April week 4 day 2:
1. Check out the directions for the tulip art project.
2. Gather white construction paper, paint, food coloring, glass, water, and carnation.

April week 4 day 1

This week we will be learning about flowers. We'll learn the four main parts of a flowering plant and what they do. We'll also work on counting and following directions. The letter of the week is T (because I missed it, oops!!)

Here are the supply and book lists for April week 4.

Here is the prep for April week 4 day 1:
1. Print off the parts of a flower worksheet.
2. Gather crayons, scissors, and glue.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April week 3 day 3

Here is the prep for April week 3 day 3:

1. Look at the Easter Object lesson and decide what you want to focus on and put in your eggs.
2. Gather your materials and fill your eggs.
3. Check out the Easter cupcakes.
4. Gather cupcake ingredients, frosting, wafer cookies, and edible grass.
5. Look at the example for the Easter egg color sort.
6. Using crayons or markers, mark the inside of your egg carton to match your plastic colored eggs.